Keith Chouinard
Director of The Holistic Center, Inc.
Retreat Leader/Guide
Empathic Therapist
Advanced Reiki Master/Shinpiden Teacher,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Aura Imaging Specialist,
Certified Reflexologist
Keith currently holds the position of nonprofit director at:
Keith believes everyone has their own innate abilities to heal from dis/ease and the compassionate help and guidance of others is beneficial to finding that ability and growing and becoming empowered from the process. Though he cautions that an empowering relationship with the proper medical doctors and annual screenings and health checkups are important for this overall well being.

He works with clients in a multidimensional manner using his empathic abilities as well as a varied selection of "tools" such as bio sensor equipment to teach and empower people regarding their Auric energy fields often simply referred to as an "Aura"

As an empath Keith has the ability to see/sense/feel the energy fields of others as well as spirits and other energetic things/occurrences.

He helps people to move thru the "Mystery" of what their senses really are so that they can become further empowered  - energetically balanced & grounded in the here and now and be at peace in BEING.

He states "To become Authentic is to fully BE alive  - in Spirit, Flesh, and Soul".

He wishes to stress that the forms of work he offers do not interfere with personal religious beliefs and in fact honors a persons free will and beliefs. This work is not a religion but it can  immensely deepen a persons religious beliefs or spiritual life.

in a World of
Shifting Perceptions
& Consciousness States

Keith offers Empathic Therapy in person at The Holistic Center in West Brookfield, Massachusetts as well as at Peace Place in Sedona, Arizona.

He also does online sessions with SKYPE and "Distance Energy Work"

He leads retreats & classes world wide

To visit his personal website go to: